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  • Architect: Conceptual design for cottages in inspired by the unconventional nature of a wine resort. The idea was to create an unique experience and using organic forms to compliment the theme of the resort.

My Thought On My Upcoming Resort Project


Between too Little and too Much

It seems to be raining perpetually, I thought to myself. We were at the lambasingi village junction enjoying our morning tea with bun and jam. I clearly recall the last time I saw the site. Sun was lost in translation between twilight and dusk. I manage to see the silhouette of the site. It was clearly steeper than I thought. None of my site portrayal seems to match the existing site. Then, it struck me; realities are different than perceptions.

The furious bus screeched and halted beside the hanuman temple. People began to get down only continuing further in an auto rickshaw. One such auto took us to our site. The site was greener than I last saw. In fact the only colors those were dominantly standing out where red and green. Since it was raining, the grey in the sky enhanced the chromatic contrast.

We started our trek to the peak of the site. It was not an easy expedition. We had to encounter steep slopes, thick lush vegetation, abrupt rocks; even standing was becoming difficult, let alone the idea of constructing a holiday nest then, seems very challenging. Amidst all these, there was a silver lining. The view from the site is picture perfect. The plainsmen look to the hill for the need of spirits and there then we found ours.


The printer growled again, this time to surrender. I printed out a plan and stared at it. Honestly it looked flat. Somewhere the spirit of mountains chuckled. Imagination is the key, I understood. With that I started my zoning, all logical and analytical. Placements of buildings were completed and accessibility was taken into account. But what it missed was a concept, a theme, an idea to imply and integrate the design program. I stared at my cottage clusters realizing that they lacked unity, a repetitive element, something that binds them together. What binds one thing to another, I wondered? Line. A line which also sets apart designing from zoning. And then, in my case the line turns out to be a wall. Wall connecting the units, running along the contours, spelling out the face of the resort. Somewhere a vague picture started to take shape. It was faintly organic as I had seen in that amicable hamlet, nothing concrete, all lost in transient. But then again it is just an idea. Implementing the idea is all together another equation of mathematics. And the equations have variables!

While making a site plan ,I thought about continuing the wall, giving voids in between for movement and activities. For me that was the limit. But the perspective and scale changed soon enough. One glance at my site plan, and I decieded I don’t want to split my site into bits and pieces. I want to create something whole. My wall should be a line,not a ray or line segment. The form should be bold enough to create an impact but at the same time organic and fluid. To create a perfect balance between the two is what I aim and what I picture in my mind.I wonder what made me take these decisions, what are the parameters because I know for sure I didn’t consider any. Maybe it is some nature inspired sense of philosophy  that compelled me. At the end , a design is an idea with a reasoning.





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